How to Effectively Save Printer Ink

Printer ink is a necessity in today’s digital-savvy world but most people hate the thought of purchase since it is on the expensive side. There are a few ways to save on printer ink and get more value for your dollar. Whether you are a heavy printer or do so less frequently, it is still ideal to save your ink every way that you can.

There is an automatic duplexer setting on your printer. Use that feature and print on both side of your paper to save! This is an economical feature that will help cut the costs of paper dramatically.

Be sure to call a pro for printer repair Cleveland  at the first sign of trouble. There are a number of issues that can affect the printer and the printer ink, but you can get professional help and alleviate the problems. Delaying repairs will only cause the issues to worsen.

You might think the printer ink cartridge is empty, but there is a good chance that plenty of ink still is inside. Many people toss out ink by immediately replacing it the moment they think that it is gone. Do not do this and get all of the ink that you paid for.

Ecofont is another easy-to-use application that can reduce the amount of printer ink that you are using. Turn on this feature and watch your printer ink usage drop by about 20%. That is a nice number. Be sure to also reduce the resolution to keep your printer ink efficient.

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Finally, make sure to check the printing preview before you hit the print button. This is a big mistake that so many people make and in doing so, they’re costing themselves a considerable amount of money. Make sure that you are printing only the pages that you need to print, and that the layout is properly set so you won’t need to print a subsequent time.